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We at M. A. Krishna Nayak & Co., have been in the petroleum retail business for more than 60 years. At our firm, we understand the importance of providing fuel of high quality and correct quantity.

 In early 2020,we were the first in the region to introduce a PESO certified mobile fuel dispensing unit or bowser,fully equipped to meet the fuelling needs of a variety of industries. Our bowser has been a gamechanger for our customers, especially those in the hospitality, healthcare services, and construction industries in and around  Mangaluru city limits as we are able to deliver fuel directly on-site, saving them valuable time and money. At our firm, we are committed to providing reliable and efficient fuel delivery services that meet the needs of our customers. Contact us today to avail our fuel delivery service.

Mobile Fuel Dispensing Unit/Bowser

Fuel Storage Tank


Our bowser comes equipped with a fuel dispenser similar to those found at retail outlets(petrol/fuel pumps). Various parts such as the LCD display, keypad, and nozzle have been marked.The cost/rate of diesel on the day of delivery is also visible in the LCD display.At the side of the dispenser, there is a printer that prints the bill for the fuel purchased directly from the machine.The bowser has a load carrying capacity of 4000 litres of fuel.

In compliance with the safety requirements as per standard PESO norms, the bowser is equipped(in addition to other features) with the following:

– Fire Extinguisher
– Auto cut-off Nozzle
– Gate Valves
– Emergency Valves

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