Commonly Asked Questions

Currently (door) delivery is not allowed for petrol as per PESO guidelines. So, we only supply diesel fuel on-site.

Yes,we generally accept orders of 100 litres and above only.


  The mobile dispenser(bowser) can be used to supply diesel fuel only for heavy vehicles/machinery/stationary equipment.

 Vehicles such as three wheelers, cars, MCV/LCV, bus, trucks, and tempo etc., are not allowed to be fuelled as per PESO guidelines.

We supply:

Hotels,hospitals,construction sites,apartment complexes,shopping complexes,DG sets,earth-moving machinery.

Heavy vehicles/machinery such as bulldozer, tipper truck, excavator/diggers, cranes can be fuelled.

We send our bowser for on-site requirements in and around Mangaluru city limits. Please enquire for more details.

Yes, generally we do add a nominal freight/transportation charge to the final bill as the bowser itself consumes fuel during transport.However,this is subject to the volume of fuel ordered and distance from our loading site.Please enquire for more details.

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